Unravel Your Burnout – Crochet + Mindset Coaching


You’ve crashed and you are SO DONE and burned out and it seems like you’ve lost yourself along the way. Now you are ready to unravel so that you can find YOU again!

Get the best of both worlds by combining crochet as a creative outlet and mindset rejuvenation to get back to the heart of who you are!

6 crochet lessons that start with absolute beginner techniques and works up to an introduction into the intermediate level!

Learn to read patterns along the way so that you can keep expanding your experience after the course is complete!

You also receive 6 mindset sessions to dive deeper into what is holding you back from living the life you deserve!

Included in this course is a physical supply kit with all the tools to get you hooking and a Printable PDF copy of The Creative Journaling Experience Book that enhances your mindset work!

This program is a 1:1 private coaching experience.

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