I don't teach you to crochet like your grandma did...

Crochet today is not the same as it was for our grandmothers. Now, there are endless combinations of stitches, patterns are easily accessible and getting better to understand.

With all of that availability, it can be a lot to navigate.

That’s where I come in! I can help you to learn those stitches, understand those patterns and navigate through the crochet universe!

The day I discovered crochet changed me.

I found some old bags filled with hooks, threads and a ton of beautiful doilies. Knowing they were old, I wondered who had made them. I learned that they were crocheted by my late grandmother Mildred “Milly” Callison. As I went through the old items, I became very interested.

I felt her love, creativity, and joy.

Then I felt inspiration!

I discovered a new craft and instantly fell in love! I ran to the store and bought some yarn, grabbed an old hook and then watched my first tutorial. It felt so natural and it only took a few days to get used to crocheting! I started with simple headbands and simple projects and it just grew from there!

My true passion is instructing crochet for mindset health & publishing beautiful and simple patterns!

I started teaching crochet in September 2017 when my best friend’s daughter showed unrelenting desire to learn. After successfully teaching her the foundation stitches, I moved on to adults. Soon after a “test session” to see if I really could teach, I began to earn my certifications!

I learned from teaching that crochet is about so much more than making a project. It’s about letting the mind relax and focus and it literally unravels your stress levels as you are creating.

We were born to create.

Our minds thrive on being creative and we feel so much more inspiration in our lives when we take time to create even simple things like a scarf or a dishcloth.

If you are also looking for advanced crochet certifications, I recommend classes from the American Crochet Association (I’m an affiliate).

Amanda Woodbury, Crochet Coach

When I'm not crocheting...

I am also a wife to my amazing husband Kris, who always encourages and challenges me to grow my crochet skills.

I am lucky to be a stay at home Mom to my two independent, smart and rambunctious boys Konner & Tyler! These 2 boys are the reason why I continue to grow my business. To show them what dedication, patience and perseverance really looks like in the real world!

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