Is your mindset holding you back?

We all experience times in our lives where we have so much to do in our busy careers that we let our health and happiness take a back seat to all the stress in our lives.

I’m here to help!

I teach high achieving women how to turn that stress into a talent that rejuvenates while it unravels your stress and gets you “unstuck”!

While learning how to crochet for your mindset, you will be able to access your creative mind and work through the “WHY” of why you feel stuck.

Progressing through your mindset while learning a productive craft with intent gives you results that you never realized you were capable of!

Crochet Coaching - Unravel Your Stress

The Benefits of Crochet Are Endless


The day I discovered crochet changed me.

I found some old bags filled with hooks, threads and a ton of beautiful doilies. Knowing they were old, I wondered who had made them.

I learned that they were crocheted by my late grandmother Mildred “Milly” Callison. As I went through the old items, I became very interested. I felt her love, creativity, and joy.

Then I felt inspiration!

My true passion is instructing crochet for mindset health and publishing beautiful and simple patterns! I am truly fulfilled and excited to be a Mindset & Crochet coach for women who are ready for change in their lives and who need help decompressing from their stressful jobs and life.

Certified Crochet Instructor With:


Crochet & Mindset Coaching Packages


Unravel Your Stress - Crochet Package
Start your creative journey that puts YOU first!
  • Learn to Crochet in 6 weeks!
  • 1:1 Virtual Classroom setting
  • Get a complete Crochet Tool Kit mailed to you
  • Takes You From Basic to Intermediate Skills
  • Learn To Read Patterns
  • Access to the Facebook community: Group: Unravel Your Stress
Unravel Your Burnout – Crochet + Mindset Coaching
You're not just making something, You're creating a moment!
Experience Mindset + Crochet together!
  • Reignite Your True Passions
  • 12 week Course
  • Mindset + Crochet Coaching 1:1 Virtual Classroom Setting
  • 6 crochet lessons that start with absolute beginner techniques and works up to an introduction into the intermediate level!
  • 6 mindset sessions to dive deeper into what is holding you back from living the life you deserve!
  • Get a complete Crochet Tool Kit mailed to you and a PDF copy of The Creative Journaling Experience E-Book!
Mindset Coaching with a Hook! VIP Program
Get the best of both worlds! Mindset + Crochet for one incredible price of just:
  • VIP treatment for all your Crochet & Emotional needs
  • 6 month Program
  • Mindset + Crochet Coaching 1:1 Virtual Classroom Setting for 6 months
  • 12 live virtual crochet lessons including project patterns in a supply kit shipped directly to you.
  • 12 live mindset coaching sessions to help you break free from your limitations.
  • Get a complete Crochet Tool Kit mailed to you and a PDF copy of The Creative Journaling Experience E-Book!
  • SOS Virtual sessions + Text message Support
  • Access to The Mindful Hooker Support Group via Facebook

What My Clients Say


I worked with Amanda in 2018 while I was in the middle of the biggest funk of my life. OCD, depression & anxiety were ruling my life, and I was struggling with dark thoughts. I decided to give crochet a go, and it was my saving grace. When I was in my darkest moments, I would just tell myself, "I might be struggling to get through the day, but I can get through this row." And then I'd get through the next row. Then the next. I crafted more than I had in my entire life. And one day, I woke up and didn't need to crochet to get through the day. I could just crochet to decompress, or to gift to those I loved, or to clear my mind. One thing is for sure, I would not be where I am right now if I hadn't hired Amanda.

Beth Griffith

I just finished her beginner's course and WOW !! Even as a busy business woman I was able to find the time to learn, create and enjoy the benefits that crochet brings to my life that I didn't even know existed!!!

Nicole Henry

Amanda Woodbury is so patient and her teaching technique is very clear and easy to follow. I've just taken her 6-week online program to learn to crochet and I can't believe all I've learned. At first, I thought I'll never be able to learn to crochet, I'm not the most patient person and sitting can be difficult for me. I also knew I needed something in my life to help me relax. I needed to learn to live in the moment rather than being in constant motion. So, although I was skeptical, I decided to give it a try. I'm so happy that I did. Now I have a great hobby that will help me to relax AND create beautiful scarves, hats, mittens, and more to and give as gifts or keep for myself! It doesn't get much better than that. Thank you Amanda! You've got a wonderful gift in teaching & crocheting.

Lisa Swanson

I took a beginners crochet course with Amanda and loved it! She went over everything, and was available to help me and answer any other questions I came up with during the course. If you want to learn how to crochet, I definitely recommend Amanda!

Rhonda Brzozowiec

Amanda is the greatest teacher!

Jamie Dansie

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